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FEO (Freshly Extracted Oils)

FEO (Freshly Extracted Oils)


Oils extracted after the order is received

Freshly Extraced Oil- First time ever in the World an Unique Opportunity to get the goodness of Oils with 0% Adulteration and Oil is extracted through cold process Expellers on the same day when the order is received!

What we do?

We extract Fresh Oils as and when the order is received, Oil extracted is kept 1 day for the natural sediments to settle down and then packed in a clean glass bottle.Oils extracted is fresh and it contains 100% Pure Oil,we don't add any kind of preservatives or any other chemical to make Profits.

We even have the Lab Certificates which you can check here.(link)

Once you use our Oils you can feel the difference between Pure 100% Oils and adulterated Oils which are generally available in the Market(just look at the thickness of our Oil and oils available in the Market).Plus Oil is extracted on the day of your order thus we give your Product Maximum shelf life. You can keep the oil safely in cold dry place for atleast 5 to 6 months before it starts getting Rancid.

What is Cold Press?
Cold Press is a method of extracting natural oil from various oilseeds. In this method, oil is simply gently squeezed out of seed by applying pressure at room temperature i.e below 45-50 0C, without any application of external heat such as steam. Hence it is called Cold Press process.

Is the oil obtained from Cold Press further treated with chemicals?
No, there is no requirement for treating oil obtained by Cold Press method  with chemicals. The oil is simply filtered with filter for removal of gum and other impurities such as shells of seeds. Hence the properties of natural oil remains unaltered. 

Does the oil contain traces of solvent or chemicals?
No. Chemicals or solvent is not used during the production of Cold Press Oil hence there is no trace of harmful chemicals or solvent in the Cold Press Oil

Is Cold Press Oil same as Virgin Oil?
Yes, Cold Press oils are also known as Virgin Oils. It is also called Extra Virgin Oil.

What is difference between Cold Press and Hot Expeller Press method?
As opposed to Cold Press, in Hot Expeller pressing, high temperature steam is used to cook the seeds at the time of crushing so that maximum oil is recovered. During the crushing, lot of heat is generated internally which changes the natural characteristics and properties of oil.

Why is Cold Press (Virgin) oil expensive as compared to normal refined oils.
Cold Press (Virgin) are generally expensive compared to normal refined oils because of following reasons.

  • The technology used for Cold Press oil extraction are more advanced and hence capital intensive compared to hot expellers. Hence this translates to higher setup cost.
  • In Cold Press extraction method, the oil extraction yield is less  as compared to hot expeller method. The hot expeller method is used for maximum recovery of oil. 
  • In manufacturing of Cold Press oils, superior quality seeds are required as the quality of natural oil cannot be altered, whereas in the case of refined oil, the quality of oil can be improved by using chemicals.