Bio whitening 50 Facial kit

Bio whitening 50 Facial kit

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Bio Whitening 50 Facial Kit

At Skin-Miracle, We understand that Our Clients need high Performance and value for money products. We have developed Bio-Whitening, Skin Whitening Facial series that can cater to Asian Clients for getting the best results.

With this aim in mind ,Our dedicated team is constantly involved in extensive research and development of the products. Our Researchers work meticulously to merge the most efficient and natural skin whitening elements with the latest Technology.

Bio-White is a series of Treatment involving Cleanser, Freshener, Scrub, serum,Peel off Mask,Massage Cream etc.

The Facial has to be carried by a trained Professional in spa’s and Beauty Salons. The facials are recommended once every fortnight to be carried at least for three months to achieve the best results.

Bio-Whitening Facial Helps To:

Reduce the appearance of age spots, dark spots, acne marks, stretch marks, hyper pigmentation, sunburns etc.
It helps to give uniform complexion and even skin tone.
Our Concentrated serum and ampoules promotes brighter complexion.
It has Multiple action like nourishing and moisturizing along with skin lightening.
Hydro Massage Cream increases skin firmness and gives youthful appearance.

*Please Note:

In order to achieve the desired results ask your clients to purchase a home care kit. They should never go out in sun without a Sun protection cream.

When You Buy Professional Bio Whitening Kit You Get:

1.Bio whitening Cleansing Milk-500ml – 1pc @ Rs.1900.
2.Bio whitening Freshner – 500ml-1pc @ Rs.2025.
3.AHA Fruit Acid Exfoliator – 30ml-1pc @ Rs.1400.
4.Bio whitening Hydro Massage Cream 1pc-400 grams @ Rs.3550.
5.Bio whitening Ampoules 1 Box-10x3ml each - @ Rs.1400.
6.Bio whitening Peel off Mask 10Sachets(each 30 grams)+1 pcs of Activator(90ml) @ Rs.2275.
7.Kiwi Scrub 200ml - @ Rs.1020.
8.Enzyme Peel Mask 5 sachets each 30 grams @ Rs.880.
9.Bio whitening Creamy Mask (200grams) @ Rs.2150.
10.Bio whitening Spf-30 (50ml) @ Rs.1265

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