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Biowhitening Peel off Mask

  • Biowhitening Peel off Mask

Bio Whitening Peel Off Mask (10pcsx30 grams each +1 pc Activator-90m)


Dark,dull and Pigmentated skin.


This whitening Mask contains biological plant extracts known for their whitening action and pure vitamin C. The association of the active ingredients acts as anti-radical and also prevents the synthesis of melanine which is responsible for the appearance of dark spots on the skin.

Melanin is the main factor which determines skin colour. The synergic action of the plant extracts inhibits the melanin synthesis by deactivating thyrosinase enzyme.

Vitamin C protects the epidermis against free radical scavengers.


For maximum effeciency, 10 sessions are recommended at the rate of 1 to 2 applicastions a week.
Please refer technical manual for right way of application.

Key Ingredients: Mulberry, Oughon and Saxifraga.

Product Code: Bio601
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