Charcoal Peel off Mask

Charcoal Peel off Mask

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La Marinere Charcoal Peel Off Mask (500 gms)

The skin is a living organ with absorption characteristics. The therapeutic powers of Charcoal Mask will enhance all skin types with healthy, mineralizing, revitalizing, energizing, detoxifying and stimulating properties. It is a formative mask, which remains supple; a special skin care mask that works as a rebalancing skin care treatment. The Charcoal Mask is excellent for removing impurities and excess sebum. The overall skin complexion will appear lighter.

Function / Specificities:

1. Tones Up, Revitalizes And Purifies The Skin.

2. Firms And Tightens The Tissues Leaving A Velvety Luster And A Bright Complexion While Invigorating, leaving The Skin With A Refreshing Glow.

3. Absorbs Toxins Form Skin And Replenishing Its Outer Layers With Minerals

4. Draws Superficial Toxins And Stimulates Circulation.

5. Rebalancing By Removing Impurities And Excess Sebum.

6. Anti-Allergic Influence On Skin And Promotes Healing.

7. Moisture Regulator And Skin Rejuvenator.

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