Home skin whitening kit in india, chennai

Home skin whitening kit in india, chennai

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Skin whitening with gentle Products is now possible @ Home..

You can source for Fairogenics/Skin Miracle Facials at Salons across India and now you need to take care of your skin @Home.Thus we have created a Skin whitening Kit which can be easily used @ home and if done properly as per our instructions you can effectively lighten your skin shades.

What we don’t gurantee is that how much lightening will take effect but Yes we can gurantee you that you will have a beautiful and glowing Skin after using 1 Month of our Products.

Our Products contain very effective skin lightening plant based ingredients like Burberry extract,AloeVera,Pearlpowder,Kojic Acid etc..

Most Valuable Tip: Any skin whitening or Fairness Creams or Serums should be used only at Night Time..Day time you should use a good spf-This is the most important step in becoming Fair!

Please Note:

"None of our Products" contain any Bleaching agents or Mercury or Hydroquionone, As these Products can give you very fast skin lightening but at the same time they are unhealthy for your Skin and over usage can cause Skin Cancer, and other skin diseases.

You don’t have to make a Hollywood Paycheck to look like a Millions dollars.Your search for Perfectskin Whitening ends here.

Skin whitening @ Home has the following products which have to be used everyday to get the best results..

Step 1 - In the Morning/Night:

Skin whitening Soap(100 grams): MRP Rs. 325 Buy Now Online Offer @ Rs. 325

This soap contains Kojic acid and is very good starter for your quest for skin whitening! Soap actives willstimulate cell regeneration,improve skin Texture and allow Spf/Night Creme to be absorbed to the skin,which inturn will make your skin supple and bright

When to use: Just wash Your Face and neckline area with the Soap in the Morning and Night.

Step 2 - Only in the Day time:

Fairogenics Ultra Protection day Cream(spf30)-30grams: Mrp Rs. 850 Online Offer @Rs.850

Just Apply Spf-30 (tinted or white available) few drops all over the Face.This Spf-30 is much sought after Product, As it not only protects you from the harmful rays of Sun but even helps in the skin whitening Procedure.

Spf-30 helps to protect the skin from Sun's UV rays as without protection skin can get tanned and blotchy.This is the most important part of the Treatment-So never forget to use a day protection.

Step 3 - Only at Night time:

Fairogenics Skin whitening Ultra Rich Night Crème(50 grams) : Mrp Rs. 700Online offer @ Rs. 700

This creamy formula (Night Fairness Cream) will soothe and smooth as it gently lightens your skin to a level that's just right for you. Our cream contains a unique formulation of PyrusMalus (Apple) Fruit Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, CucumisSativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, ScutellariaBaicalensis Root Extract. that brings your skin to the tone you know was meant to be yours. Our Creme will Lighten, Brighten and Moisturise your skin within first few days of application.

Apply Night Creame after thorough cleansing with the Skin whitening Soap. Leave it on for the whole Night.

Other Complimentary Product:

Skin whitening Ultra HyratingMoisturiser for Body and Face (200grams):Mrp Rs. 0.00 Onilne Offer Rs. 0.00

Our Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser is a very good Product for full body and Face use.ThisMoisturiser not only Hydrates Skin but also helps in over all skin brightening.Thus the Product can be used all over the Body.


Fairogenics Concentrated skin whitening Serum(15ml): Mrp Rs. 611 Online offer @ Rs. 611

Effective Complexion enhancing Serum,Renews epidermal cell and creates beautiful skin.

Still plagued by that Pigmentation on your Face? How about that scar on your chin?

Continue to be haunted by acne scars? Think you just have grin and bear it? Not anymore. Our Concentrated Serum is here to help you say goodbye to unsightly and uneven skin tones. Safe and effective for all-over corrective lightening, and can be used on any part of the body.


Apply the serum before Ultra Rich Night Creme.Apply all over the Face and let it get absorbed fully into the skin.Now you can Apply the Night Creme. Do Not Forget to Apply Ultra Protection Day Creme in the Morning after bath.

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