Pure Gold single use kit

Pure Gold single use kit

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Pure Gold Series (5Pcs)


Skin-Miracle(France) introduces its latest Pure Gold series for breakthrough skin Treatments. The Pure Gold Serum, with the latest secret ingredients of pure 24 karat gold, allows the absorption of beauty ingredients to your skin by accelerating cell growth to the skin. The Pure Gold Cleansing gel cleanses skin pores, eliminates dirt and grease whilst refreshing the face. The cleansing gel also ensures a balance in skin moisture and reduces fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation.
The Gold Peel off Masks repair the skin cells at basal layers: protecting the skin from harmful free radicals and whitens the skin. As it illuminates the skin giving it better complexion, it lifts and tightens the skin against anti aging effect. Last but not the least enjoy the goodness of Pure Gold Massage Cream, as the cream feeds moisture to the skin with its balance pH value. It boosts collagen and elastic synthesis to battle anti aging woes.


Gold Craze

Christopher Colombus once wrote “Gold is a wonderful thing! Whoever owns it, is lord of all things. Gold open doors to Paradise!". Over the years Gold has been used as a commodity with high monetory value, But Skin Miracle Gold has proven, this highly sought after metal is far from being a mere monetory asset.
While synthetic Gold consists mainly of impurities such as Zinc Copper and aluminium, Our Gold is made with finest Swiss 9999 pure Gold. Synthesized through cutting edge atomic reconstruction technology, Gold particles are produced, less then 50nm(Nanometre).
Our Skin is able to absorb Gold completely our Surface skin on the other hand, has a nanometre of 100. Since Our Gold articles is evidently smaller than the pores, it can naturally penetrate into our skin entirely.All you have to do is lightly tap it on your Skin.
Suitable both for Men and Women, Our Gold facial produces results in a single treatment, particularly in the renewal of skin Cells. Anti-Oxidation and elimination of free radicals-The three main trouble areas.

Single Use Kits Contain:

1.Pure Gold Cleanser- 5ml
2.Pure Gold Toner- 3ml
3.Facial Scrub-5 gm
4.Pure Gold Massage Cream-8 gm
5.Pure Gold Serum- 1ml
6.Gold Peel off Mask – 15 gm
7.Pure Gold Day Cream – 1 gm

Money Back Offer!

When you purchase 10 kits you get 1 kit free and have the option to return back 10 kits incase you are not satisfied with the results and get back full Money*

T&C for Return Policy:

1.You should return back all 10 kits in sealed condition.
2.Return should be within 15 days from the date of Invoice.
3.Courier charges to Return will be borne by the Purchaser.
4.All Bank details should be mentioned clearly while returning-for returing of Cash.
5.If Parcel not received within 15 days of Invoice we will not return back Money.

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