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Lactic Acid Serum

  • Lactic Acid Serum

Lactic Acid Serum

Lactic Acid for Natural Anti-Aging, Skin Lightening and Anti-Acne:

Lactic acid is being discovered all over again, as new information emerges showing that it is useful as a probiotic in anti-acne treatments. Lactic acid is the gentlest of the alpha hydroxy acids; it is also very versatile and has great utility in treating a number of different skin conditions. These three posts look at the benefits of LA from three different points of view: Anti-aging, Skin lightening and Anti-acne.

Lactic Acid and Anti-Aging:

Alpha hydroxy acids are exfoliants that have long been used to impede or delay skin aging. The methodology is quite simple: the exfoliant process reduces cohesion of cells in the lower layers of the stratum corneum, encouraging rapid shedding of dead skin cells on the surface, thus triggering an increase in cell turnover rate and cell renewal. Because lactic acid and glycolic acid are commonly used AHA exfoliants they are often lumped together in terms of the benefits they deliver, however, there are clear distinctions to be made. Because lactic acid, derived from sour dairy products and fermented fruits and vegetables, is a larger molecule than sugar cane-derived glycolic acid, it does not penetrate as deeply and is hence much less likely to cause irritation than glycolic acid. For this reason alone LA is the AHA of choice for sensitive and rosacea prone skin.


Most skin types, including but not limited to mature and sensitive skin, would be well-advised to choose lactic acid peels. Professional treatments use lactic acid peels at higher concentrations and lower pH values than you can obtain with a home treatment, and are very effective without being irritating.

Lactic Acid and Skin Lightening:

There are many ingredients used in skin lightening products; some are safe, while others like hydroquinone, a known carcinogen, should be avoided. A skin lightening active agent is defined by the US FDA as : “an agent designed to bleach or otherwise lighten limited areas of hyperpigmented skin through suppression of melanin formation within human cells.” There are many ingredients that fill the bill in terms of being natural and safe to use: bearberry extract, rice extract, paper mulberry, ascorbic acid, lactic acid and licorice root, among many others. They work by inhibiting tyrosinase, which catalyzes a key step in pigment synthesis.

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