Argan Oil for skin

Argan Oil for skin

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Argan Oil for Skin (100 ml)

La Marinere is Proud to introduce a wonderful God’s Natural gift to Human Skin called “Argan Oil” –Skin’s Liquid Gold….

Hollywood’s Beauty Secret Revealed:

Argan oil is a beauty secret that has been around for hundreds of years. It comes from the nuts that are produced by the Argan tree. It has many benefits, it can positively  effect   skin, nails, wrinkles, stretch marks and even acne.


Get Glowing , Fair & Bright Skin:

Argan Oil has multiple benefits for your skin.After Using this Miracle and Ultimate Beauty Oil for 15 days you can feel a vast difference.Those Marks,Pigmentation and uneven skin tone will start Vanishing,Your skin will breathe a new lease of Life.The Skin will be highly Moisturised,Bright and all Natural glow will be added to your Face.Argan Oil is being used by Europeans for the last so many centuries as the Ultimate Beauty Oil.he Secret is now revealed to the other Parts of the World!

Complimentary Products: For Best Results Argan Oil can be used along with our other Products like Exfoliants and Spf-30.You can also buy our skin whitening Kit and use Argan Oil on alternate days.This can be the ultimate skin whitening combination Naturally!

Retain Youth Naturally:

Skin Miracle’s Argan oil can benefit your skin by keeping it hydrated and moisturized. Compared to olive oil and shea butter argan oil is in a whole different stratosphere. And for those of us who have oily skin, this product is the perfect solution. Many Hollywood Actresses swear by this Oil.

In clinical trials up to 83% of women gained a huge improvement in skin hydration and skin elasticity, this after only 4 weeks, you may see a 38% reduction in wrinkles within just 2 weeks.You can  also see a noticeable reduction in coarse wrinkles and fine lines around the eye area.

You can combine Argan Oil with our Anti Aging Treatment.It will be like Icing on Cake.


No More Stretch Marks:

For any pregnant ladies out there, this is a wonderful product to rub into the areas that succumb to stretch marks. With the improvement to skin elasticity and hydration this will considerably reduce the onset of stretch marks, in the later stages.

Treatment For Skin Problems:

Skin Miracle’s Argan oil  may also help with Eczema and Psoriasis. It contains a great deal of nutrients that help eliminate inflammation and other symptoms associated with psoriasis. It also helps with the dry skin patches by keeping the skin moisturized for long periods of time.

Envy Those Long Healthy Nails..Now Even You Can Grow It Naturally:

Most people don’t know that Skin Miracle’s argan oil is great for your nails. But it can actually be used as a toner for your nails. It moisturizes, strengthens and protects your nails. And if you have brittle nails this oil with help repair them. The nutrients in argan oil provide your nails with all the vitamins and minerals they need to grow healthy and strong.

Wow Even Acne Can Be Treated With This Oil:

Acne affects millions of people young and old. And although not considered a serious medical condition, it can be a very frustrating and embarrassing problem to have. But thanks to Skin Miracle’s argan oil you can fix this annoying problem. It is a natural solution that works by stopping sebum from overproducing. This prevents your pores from being clogged and in turn reduces the chance of acne occurring.

Combine this with our Anti Acne Treatment kit and you can forget Acne for this Life!


Scars Scars..Not Anymore:

Skin Miracle’s Argan oil also helps eliminate scars associated with acne.Slowly but definetly you can see scars fadin away.

Applications Of Skin Miracle’s Argan Oil:

Our Number One Tip - Use only cosmetic grade Skin Miracle’s Argan Oil and not culinary oil. During culinary oil production the Argan nuts are roasted to bring out a distinctive nutty flavour. Nuts that are unroasted like Pure Argan Oil’s; i.e. those which are used for cosmetic oil – maintain a high concentration of vitamins and essential fatty acids which would otherwise be lost.


1. Apply few drops of Oil all over your Face for Healthy skin.You can see a noticeable difference withing 2 weeks.In the beginning start using our Oil only at night,gradually you can apply even in day time.

2. In the early pregnancy period apply few drops of oil wherever you feel you may get stretch Marks.You can apply the oil throughout your pregnancy and you will see lesser strecthc Marks after gicing birth.

3. Apply few drops on the affected area of skin with  Eczema and Psoriasis, you can see the oil works very well for these skin conditions.

4. Apply few drops of oil on acne’s and see them fading. It has antibacterial properties which helps in treating acne.

5. Apply few drops on scars from acne and it effectively fades them away.

Test The Purity Of Oil:

You can Buy Argan Oil from anywhere in the World but don’t Forget to Test its Purity. If the Oil has not been adultrated with Liquid Petrolium or other Mineral Oils then it will Freeze.

Adultrated Oil:

Just place Argan Oil Bottle inside Deep Freezer and leave it for an hour. Take out and if you see a separated liquid portion then you can be assured that the Oil is adultareted.

Pure Oil:

The bottle taken out from Freezer has frozen Oil, Be assured that the Oil is Pure.

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